Welcome to the Neufeldt Group

Welcome to the Neufeldt Group Homepage

The Neufeldt lab is a new catalysis group in the Chemistry & Biochemistry Department at Montana State University. Our research interfaces organic and inorganic chemistry, and broadly targets the design, optimization, and understanding of catalytic systems for transforming small molecules into value-added compounds. We use a combination of experimental and computational techniques to approach research questions.

Recent Group News

October 2017 – First year graduate student Katelyn Duncan starts a rotation in the lab.

June 2017 – The Neufeldt lab is awarded a grant from the ACS Petroleum Research Fund for their work on methane polymerization. Thank you ACS PRF!

June 5, 2017 – REU student Scott Shreiber arrives at MSU to do summer research in our group.

June 1, 2017 – Incoming 1st year graduate student John Russell starts a summer rotation in the lab.

May 2017 – First triannual group cleanup day.